Led by our friend Jean-Paul, we have cheerily crapated on trails, often in undergrowth, sometimes forming long queues distending the group for several dozen meters, accompanied by a very mild weather, just what it takes to hike in good conditions. We started on a continuous but regular descent quite stony. Arriving at the road to murs we had the pleasure of having an extended view of the Monts du Luberon, and on a beautiful restored House we cross the road to continue on a track that will lead us to the JAS of the Griffon.
      The JAS du Griffon is built on the edge of the road, a bit below the Col de murs. Two wells now partially filled, are dug through the rock to reach the water table and thus to fill the inhabitants. A sheepfold is also built a few hundred meters from the JAS. Animals can be watered by a aiguier. Wild deposits of household garbage and graffiti make the pair in this beautiful place. People do not imagine the damage caused by these incivilities
      It is time to go back and the stomachs are growing, we quickly win the hunting refuge "A qui Ben" or we lay our venerable hindquarters for a frugal snack-crust largely embellished with treats wrapped in jokes, each going from his the valve or its packet of cakes.
      After this comfort we go back on a path that sneaks through wood, to quietly regain the starting point or await us our vehicles. It was a hike punctuated with surprises and very pleasant. Thank you Jean-Paul for making us live this little banal getaway.